How we are creating a NüLife

Well, we put together what anyone in the industry would consider an over-the-top world class training facility here in Provost.

It’s absolutely inclusive to everyone from beginners, seniors, individuals with handicaps, regular 80%ers, the occasional gym goer, the stay-at-home mom who wants some “me time”, the teenager, the gym rat, the cross fitter, the power lifter, the body builder, the hockey player, the elite athlete and everything in between.

We crushed it, and we are humble, but we are very proud of this training centre.

When we opened Nü Life we made a very conscious decision to not harm any other gyms in the surrounding areas. We’ve known some of these people all our lives and went out of our way to make sure we offered the community something different than what was already being offered. We initially made our prices nearly double that of anyone else, etc, etc.

All the local training facilities are great and they provide quality training, facilities, and people. We genuinely want them to win, just as we want you to win, and of course we want to win at the same time. One big happy healthy community.

Here’s a step forward in the right direction; our offer is that anyone who trains at another local gym can join us for only $15 biweekly.

The thought process is that we want people to be able to train at multiple facilities for both convenience and so that everyone can have an even better and well rounded training experience, while continuing to stay loyal to the gyms that have been so loyal to them all this time. We will do our part to make this something everyone can afford.

If you lived in Edmonton or Vancouver, you know it’s common to have memberships at 2 or 5 gyms at a time, and no one thinks any less of anyone else for mixing it up a little. Some gyms just have different pieces of equipment, different hours of operation, or different vibes that suit a particular mood that day.

In short—
if you are a member at any other local gym and want to be a member at ours as well just call 1-780-753-6699 and we will let you train for 15 bucks biweekly so you can afford to train at multiple gyms.

Hope this helps. 🙏🏼